Machine Operator I/Lathe Operator

Company Name:
Start date: ASAP
Duration: 5 months
Minimum salary: 12.50 USD
Maximum salary: 12.50 USD
Salary period: Hourly
Note: this is a 2nd shift position - (2PM to 10:30PM, Monday thru Friday)
Essential duties and responsibilities:
Verifies the appropriate size of an electrode assembly (anode assembly and cathode assembly) to the quartz envelope, and inserts them inside the envelope body according to the spacing
specifications of the specific lamp model. Mounts the envelope/electrode assembly onto a glass lathe, and using a torch, seals the ends of each assembly to the side arms of the quartz envelopes as it rotates on the lathe. Depending upon the type of seal (ribbon or graded quartz), seals the inner quartz plug or the
graded seal to the ends of the envelope under vacuum sealed environment. Verifies the assembly meets the specifications as established for the particular lamp model by: Performing a stress check on the seal assembly using a polariscope Verifying the distance between the anode and cathode (arc gap) using an optical comparator Visually inspecting the envelope and the seals for bubbles, airlines, and spots, notifying
immediately lead or supervisory staff of any equipment or material issues encountered. Moves completed seal assemblies to the Mounting area for further processing. Maintains a clean, safe, and orderly work area and equipment.
Non-essential duties and responsibilities:
May assist with monthly inventory counts May assist with other tasks within the manufacturing or shipping areas
Proven ability to use torch and lathe on a consistent basis Must be detail oriented and have excellent eyesight Must be able to meet minimum model-specific production standards while diligently following
established process steps on a consistent basis Must be able to read dimensional drawings and use basic measuring tools, fixtures, and aids Specialized knowledge or advanced education Trade school training or commensurate on-the-job experience using torch and lathe, preferably in producing Pyrex or quartz glass tubing, gas Laser tubing, or with torch welding
High-school/Trade school or equivalent experience.
Will consider Machinist certification.
Minimum 6 months - 1 year's related experience Associated Safety Training General Safety Hazardous Materials Hazardous Operates a lathe to form glass or glass to metal by using a hand torch. Determine sequence of operations by referring to video overlays, specifications, and work orders. Regulate machine by setting and adjusting controls. Prepare lathe by positioning and securing glass tubes and glass and metal components, and using hand-held torches and fixtures to form outer bulb envelopes, fabricate glass seals onto metal rods, or adjust arc gap spacing within the bulb

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